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“By 8am we had 3 major breakdowns…one of them was about who’s baby she was,” Cassandra told me as she carried HER baby into the kitchen.

Cassondra and her husband, Brian, have 3 adorable girls…all under the age 4- two of them identical twins, and a 10 month old.  Yea, it’s a girl gang. A really cute one.

They are the kind of couple that’s just cool. They are down-to-earth, real, friendly, and just cool.

“We met through my college roomie! Love at first sight! Haha literally met him and came home that Monday and told everyone I met the guy that I would marry!” 

Brian is in medical device sales and Cassondra is a nurse and a fitness instructor for a local mom’s fitness group.  She works night shifts as a nurse. I have no clue how she does that.

When I walked into the house, the twins, Mia and Marley, (I am obsessed with identicals, btw) were immediately asking me who I was planning to take pictures of. They are not shy!  “Why you have dat camera?” “Who you takin pictures of?” They quickly got over me being there.

twins playing on floorWe mostly hung out in the playroom that was abundant with barbies, princesses, dress up gear, bikes, and dollhouse galore. A girl’s dream. Like you would expect, their attention span lasts about 30 seconds at a time. They are adorable together, where one is, the other goes. They are truly part of each other.

“Mommy put my wings on!”  “Mommy put my dress on!”

“Marley is the dancer…I think I have to put her in ballet even though I always thought they’d be soccer players!” she told me, as she turned on the dance scene of Beauty and the Beast for Marley to dance along to.fairy wingsprincess crowntwins playing dollstwins in princess dressesbaby fairy wingsMikayla just chilled nearby, insisting she wear fairy wings, too.

girl with box on head mom sitting on floor with baby

“Mommyyyyyy I have to poop!” “Ok come down here.” “No! I want to poop up here!” “Ok here I come!”

“Nevermind I’m done!”

Throughout the day, mom was turned in about 50 different directions. Next thing I know, the girls walk in with a bike wheel! Hahaha!

twin girls playing Actually saying “Mine!” “No, mine!” “No, mine!”    You can’t plan these things, people.

mom with kids

Meanwhile….childproof locks

mom with daughter in kitchen mom life

“Mommy lets go outside!”  Without skipping a beat, Mom had them on the floor putting on 3 kids socks and shoes. (If this was my house, they would most likely be shoeless, lol).  And they were out the door.

mom putting kids shoes on

putting on shoes putting on kids socks

“Mommy I want bubbles!”  “OK everyone gets bubbles…”

mom blowing bubbles

Bubble Machine.  Better idea.bubble machinekid with sprinklermom with kids on front step

“Life with kids is sooooo fun and sooooo hard! I think we try to take it day by day and remember that we’re gonna look back and want all these days back one day.”

baby with applesauce

Through it all, I still saw Cassondra take a moment to kiss them, smile at them, even sit on the floor with them if even for 30, ok maybe 10, seconds. It’s a busy life over there, but they are a sweet, happy family raising some strong little girls!  Girl gangs rule.

Her inspiration to other parents?  “Everyone’s situation is different- in the end every mom just wants the best for her family, and it all works out.”

mom on floor kissing kids

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