Peace, Love, & Harmony

Single parenting. Not easy. But Laura doesn’t make it look hard. ” I’ve been called ‘Mama’ since I was 14, so becoming one was the greatest gift!”  Makes sense, because she’s one of those people that always looks out for the good of others, especially her friends.

Meet Harmony Marie. Named after two friends of Laura’s that have passed away. This girl has soul.

She quickly showed me how old she was (almost three). She is full of life, super inquisitive, and really smart- and her gorgeous blue eyes are a plus.  “She loves singing, learning, exploring, and anything she can get her hands on!” Laura told me.

When I asked Harmony what she wants for her birthday, she told me, “Trucks and bubbles everywhere!”

i'm three

Laura was born and raised in Severna Park, MD and still lives nearby.

She’s very involved in the local Annapolis music scene and has had a huge part in helping musicians get out there. She’s one of those people that works hard behind the scenes, and never looks for attention. She is involved in many music projects and is working on opening her own venue for musicians.

She and Harmony spend their days together, until later in the evening when Laura works. She successfully started her own massage therapy business (which is doing quite well). She even has her own line of natural massage products and creams.


shopkinsHarmony just got her first Shopkins, and she was very excited about them. Welcome to the world of the teeniest, tiniest toys, Laura!

The house was quiet, and you could tell they get to spend quality time together. “There’s A LOT of one on one time!” she joked.

play doh

mom with camera

Naturally Harmony is very into music. She told me her favorite artist was Ed Sheeran! I kept asking her to play her guitar for me and she simply told me, “No.”  haha – Finally, she did though, on her own terms of course.

girl playing guitar

smiley face
Smiley faces by Harmony

play kitchen

photo by child
photo by Harmony

She got a taste of some Reese’s cereal for lunch AKA left over of Mom’s breakfast that she didn’t get to finish…best cereal ever!lunch with childmom feeding childeating cerealmom in the kitchen

Laura and Harmony have an awesome garden in their backyard, that they built themselves from scratch! I was so impressed. “We spend a lot of time in the garden together. She really helps me a lot!”

little girl in garden

blue eyes

“Hey Harmony, stop running, it’s wet and slippery.”  “Harmony, don’t run.” “Harmony…”

“The hardest thing about parenting is discipline. She is at a very stubborn age and I am still trying to figure out time-out and different punishments for misbehaving.”

mother daughter in garden

She let her hair down and you could see her white blond baby hair- adorable…and she started to run with her free little spirit- her hair following behind. “Mommy, chase me!”doing childs hair

blond hair

Her advice to other parents? “Go with your instinct. Don’t pay attention to what other parents do and don’t compare yourself to them and set unrealistic standards for yourself. Every child and family is different, and do what is comfortable for you.”



They have a real bond. I can see her teaching her daughter to be strong and believe in herself. I love that Laura isn’t influenced by others and she doesn’t let them change who she is…that is a hard quality to have sometimes.


These two are something special.

mom and daughter in garden


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