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Boy Mom (or parents I should say)…not an easy task.  Boys are the sweetest…but they are also a different species from girls. Sword fighting, ninja battling, handcuffing, mouth sound making, poop talking, little…sweeties!

Marc and Gloria make it look easy. They’ve been together for close to 20 years. Marc has been managing the fleet of a family business for about 10 years. He’s also an awesome musician. They have lived all over the country together until finally settling back in Maryland a few years ago.

Gloria is a former teacher, now real estate agent, and a DIY Queen. She lives a minimalist life…simple and full in the best way.  Oh, and she has the patience of a saint.

They recently bought a home in their childhood neighborhood and totally redid it, mostly themselves. Gloria has an artistic eye and always comes up with the cutest ways to decorate without spending tons of money.

frames on the wall


She also manages to create a super healthy lifestyle for herself and her family and is really good at helping others do it as well, without being pushy (because nobody likes that person…)

She’s one of those people that you often look at and wonder, does she like, ever get stressed?  I’m still waiting… 😉

They have two boys, Luca, 5, and Silas, 4.  They have the biggest hearts. You can tell from the second you meet them. Luca is articulate, telling you exactly what he thinks and always very aware of the people around him.

“They are both super imaginative. Luca is always being a police officer, handcuffing someone, getting the bad guys.” 


boy playing in yard
Luca, 5
An old baby lock, turned handcuffs


“Silas is fast. He’ll get right in the middle of the action with a huge smile on his face the whole time. He has crazy stamina for a little guy too. Feels like he doesn’t need any sleep. Truth be told he was waking up throughout the night until about a month or two ago!” 

He is silly, genuine, and always has a little smirk on his face that will make you melt.

Oh and Penny, the dog…she fits right in.

boxer dog

mom and dad in the kitchen


Gloria made a big lifestyle change when she switched to real estate.  “I work a lot now, this is by far the hardest thing right now. I miss my family.”

laundry momboys bedroom

fire trucks

Boys might be tough, but they need hugs too.

boys need hugs too

“Mom, mom, mom, mom, hey mom, mom, mom”

Marc is a really great dad. He’s very involved and always on Gloria’s team.

I asked him what his favorite part of parenthood is.

“The best part of parenthood is after you get your kids to bed each night. Kidding! The best part of parenthood for me is seeing little pieces of my wife and I in our children. Your children are their own independent people and they have their own personalities but genetics are a crazy thing. I always see a smile or a look that will remind me of Gloria or myself. Still gives me chills.”

dad with son

“Luca, you cannot play with the fire extinguisher!”


I always end these sessions by asking parents for their REAL advice on parenthood.

Gloria: “Coffee now, wine later, hahaha.

Consistency. Albeit somewhat painful…try and be consistent in as many ways as possible; In your routine, disciple and love towards your partner.  Oh and if you’re new to this parenting thing, don’t ever match the sippy cup lids to the bottoms, your future-self will thank you.”

family on couch

“Its easy to get frustrated trying to balance the hustle and bustle days of two, fulltime working adults with the wants and needs of small children and still be the dynamic, engaged parent you strive to be for your kids.  I will say this though, It goes by fast. Things that seem hard now like sleep training and lugging around strollers will be distant memories. Don’t get bogged down in those types of details and savor the little moments you get to share with your kids along the way.”


I think we can learn from this family…Love hard, live simply, enjoy life.

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